05 Julho 2012

The most renowned law schools of the world signed a cooperation agreement that formally creates the Law Schools Global League (LSGL). In total, 17 education institutions start to share a work agenda that include the construction of theoretical and practical models for law research and education, responsible for responding to the challenges of law education in a highly globalized environment.


The idea of creating LSGL was given by DIREITO GV and Tilburg University, the Netherlands. In February this year, DIREITO GV promoted a meeting in São Paulo, where the idea of creating the league was presented. In the meeting of Tilburg, Oscar Vilhena Vieira and Randall Lesaffer, directors of DIREITO GV and Tilburg, were elected the co-directors of LSGL.


For Oscar Vilhena Vieira, the creation of LGLS is another step towards the consolidation of DIREITO GV as an important world actor in law education. ?With the partnership, we extended our capacity of exchanging ideas and information with institutes that are recognized for providing high standard and excellent academic quality education.?

Besides Tilburg, DIREITO RIO and DIREITO GV, the following schools are also part of LSGL:


Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal)
EBS Law School (Germany)
Higher School of Economics (Russia)
Instituto de Empresas (Spain)
Jindal Global Law School (India)
National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Northwestern University (USA)
McGill University (McGill)
ICD Radzyner (Israel)
Sciences Po (France)
Sidney Law School (Australia)
University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Tsinghua University School of Law (China)
University of Cape Town (South Africa)

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