• Post-Abolition Biographies Meeting07 Dec 201714:00
    Social Sciences
    Post-Abolition Biographies Meeting
    Location: FGV Main Office - 12th floor auditorium
    Address: Praia de Botafogo, 190
    Data: 07 December 2017
    Horário: 14:00

    The Laboratory for Ethnic-Racial Studies (LEER) of FGV’s School of Social Sciences (CPDOC) and the Black Culture in the Atlantic Group (CULTNA) will hold the ‘Post-Abolition Biographies Meeting’, which aims to discuss texts which examine the lives and history of black figures after the abolition of slavery and, thus, presenting a new perspective on the history of Republican Brazil.

    The Meeting is part of the research agenda of CULTNA and LEER in the Post-Abolition Biographies project, funded by Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES). This edition will bring together professors Ynaê Lopes dos Santos (CPDOC) and Amilcar Pereira (UFRJ).

    The discussions will address the works ‘Doença mental, raça e sexualidade nas teorias psiquiátricas de Juliano Moreira’ [Mental illness, race, and sexuality in the psychiatric theories of Juliano Moreira] and ‘Era só mais um Silva que a estrela não brilha? Paulo Silva e as Relações Raciais no Brasil’ [Was it just another Silva whose star doesn’t gleam? Paulo Silva and Racial Relations in Brazil].

    Go to the website for more information, available in Portuguese.


FGV Main Office - 12th floor auditorium
Praia de Botafogo, 190

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