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  • Economic and Social Development
  • Culture and Society
  • Business Competitiveness
  • State, Government and Public Policy Efficiency
  • Democracy and Rule of Law

Applied Research and Knowledge Network

The Research Network was created in 2016 with the objective of encouraging the development of applied research with excellence, strong impact and high level of innovation, thus to support the institution’s mission. To attain this objective, the Network helps to bring together the research activities of the public and private sectors and incentivize the formation of other research networks in Brazil and abroad. The Research Network also helps to disseminate the knowledge produced by the schools and research centers of FGV.

Besides the Research Network, the governance structure of the research activities of FGV includes the Committee for Ethical Conformity in Research Involving Human Beings (CEPH) and the Research and Innovation Commission. The CEPH, created in 2016, was one of the first ethics committees in the country focused on actions in the area of the social sciences. With the aim of guaranteeing the highest standard of ethics in the conduction of research, the Committee adopts the most stringent standards established by the national and international scientific community. Therefore, FGV is qualified to meet the international demands for publication of articles and development of research projects in partnership.

Also created in 2016, with the aim of analyzing the methodological rigor and potential impact of the applied research projects developed by the various units of FGV, the Research and Innovation Commission works to increase the institution’s capacity to produce studies. An essential component for the development and execution of multidisciplinary research projects with high social impact is the existence of a structure of incentives with focus on this type of project.

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