New publication discusses research on Brazil overseas
Social Sciences
12 September 2017

New publication discusses research on Brazil overseas

FGV Press will launch the book on Social Thinking at FGV Bookstore in Sao Paulo, on September 14.

On September 14, at 6:30 p.m., at FGV Bookstore in Sao Paulo, FGV Press will launch the book titled ‘Ateliê do pensamento social: a pesquisa sobre o Brasil no exterior’ [Social thinking workshop: research about Brazil abroad]. As a byproduct of the fifth edition of Social Thinking Workshop, the works gathered in the collection – essays, texts, and research projects – were presented and discussed to answer the question of how Brazil is perceived in general, often from a ‘foreign’ point of view.

The book’s main topic is Brazilian Studies, comprising both foreign scholars who are interested in the country and Brazil study centers located abroad.

For the scope of that edition of the event, organizers also considered the international studies of Brazilian intellectuals, who are regarded as ‘interpreters of Brazil,’ as well as the movement and reception of works that have become references abroad. This edition featured a discussion about the relationship among those foreign researchers interested in the anthropological, sociological, and historical issues of Brazilian society.

Organized by Bernardo Buarque de Hollanda and João Marcelo Ehlert Maia, the book launch will be held after the first day of discussions of this year’s Social Thinking Workshop.

The theme of this seventh edition of the Social Thinking Workshop, which will be held on September 14 and 15, will be ‘Interpreters of Brazil – reading strategies’, and will include a discussion of the reading methodology and the relationship with important works of a certain national ‘tradition’. The event will feature professors-researchers based in universities in the state of Sao Paulo.

The full schedule of the 7th Social Thinking Workshop, organized by the researchers of the Laboratory for Social Thought (Lapes) of FGV’s School of Social Sciences (CPDOC), is available on the website.  Go to the website for more information on the book launch.