Women's football in South America discussed in Sao Paulo

FGV will host the ‘Playing Beautifully? Women and football in Brazil and Argentina’ lecture at the Football Museum, in Sao Paulo.
Social Sciences
23 March 2017

In order to talk about women’s football, its history and challenges, the Laboratory for Sports Studies of FGV’s School of Social Sciences (CPDOC), in partnership with the Center for Sports Memory (UFRGS) and the Football Museum, will host the ‘Playing Beautifully? Women and football in Brazil and Argentina’ lecture on March 24, at 3 PM. The event will be attended by professor David Wood, from University of Sheffield (UK).

The professor will present his research on women’s football in South America, focusing on the sport’s growth in the continent’s two main powers. The work considers the history of women’s football in Brazil and Argentina and identifies the challenges both countries face to reach the same success as men’s football.

The event will be held at the Football Museum, in Sao Paulo, also featuring Professor Bernardo Buarque de Hollanda (CPDOC) and Silvana Goellner (UFRGS), who will open the floor for debate after the lecture. 

Please visit the website for more information, in Portuguese.