Weekly Consumer Price Index rises 0.45%, taking it to 7.60% in last 12 mont

Também registraram acréscimo em suas taxas de variação os grupos: Transportes (-0,17% para 0,06), Vestuário (0,17% para 0,46%), Educação, Leitura e Recreação (-0,69% para -0,55%) e Despesas Diversas (0,18% para 0,19).
19 May 2021
Weekly Consumer Price Index rises 0.45%, taking it to 7.60% in last 12 mont

The Weekly Consumer Price Index (IPC-S) as of May 15, 2021 was up 0.45%. It is now up 7.60% in the last 12 months. In the latest results, five of the index’s eight component spending classes recorded increases in their rates of variation. The biggest contribution came from the Housing group, which went from 0.56% to 0.90%. In this spending class, it is worth mentioning the Home Electricity Charges item, which rose from 1.23% to 3.14%.

The rates of variation also increased for the following groups: Transport (-0.17% to 0.06%), Apparel (0.17% to 0.46%), Education, Reading and Recreation (-0.69% to -0.55%) and Miscellaneous Expenses (0.18% to 0.19%). In these spending classes, the following items were noteworthy: Ethanol (-6.62% to -1.46%), Children’s Clothes (0.44% to 1.07%), Toys (0.49% to 1.84%) and Pet Food (0.72% to 1.55%).

On the other hand, there were declines in Food (0.45% to 0.38%) and Health and Personal Care (1.13% to 1.06%). Within these groups, the following items had notable results: Fruit (-5.16% to -5.88%) and Hygiene and Personal Care Products (0.60% to 0.30%).

The Communication group’s rate remained at 0.61%. The biggest upward influence came from Streaming Services (0.58% to 1.26%), while the biggest downward pressure came from Pay TV Charges (0.88% to 0.65%).

The complete survey is available on this website.

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