DIREITO GV meeting approaches constitutional reforms and models of democracy in Latin America

16 May 2012

DIREITO GV promotes on May 17 and 18 the ILADD 2012 meeting to address the subject ?Constitutional Reforms and Models of Democracy?, gathering the main law jurists and thinkers of Latin America, from a genuinely regional perspective.At the meeting, the Argentine Roberto Gargarella will present a critical article of ample spectrum on the 200 years of Latin America's constitutional experience, associating its several common phases with the region's political context.Another work, by the Colombian Rodrigo Uprimny, makes an analysis of the transformations occurred in the region's constitutionalism in the last 30 years to answer if there is in fact a Latin American constitutionalism, and its relation with the democratic transformation in Latin America.The third work, presented by professor Oscar Vilhena Vieira, makes an in-depth study on the characteristics of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 and its impact on the political system and on the country's social changes after almost 25 years from promulgation.The ILLAD (Latin American Law and Democratic Initiatives) is a network that gathers professors from Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and other Latin American countries devoted to a process of reflection and scientific production based on regional premises.The members of ILADD are selected based on diversity criteria among the Latin American countries and the relation of research agendas among professors concerned with the relationship between legal development and social, political and economic development, explains Oscar Vilhena Vieira, Constitutional Law director and professor at DIREITO GV.