Experts debate arbitration in energy sector at seminar

The event featured representatives of various FGV bodies, the judiciary, public prosecutors and leading companies in Brazil’s deregulated power market.
31 October 2023
Experts debate arbitration in energy sector at seminar

In order to dive deep into arbitration in Brazil’s deregulated power market, the FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber held a seminar in Sao Paulo on October 19, 2023, to discuss the main challenges of the coming years in this market and how extrajudicial approaches to conflicts can contribute to this context.

The event brought together representatives of the National Electricity Regulatory Agency, the Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals, the Sao Paulo State Attorney’s Office, the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors, CTG Brasil, FGV Energy, FGV CERI, the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School, the FGV Sao Paulo Law School and the FGV Center for Judicial Innovation, Administration and Research.

In the opening panel discussion, the executive director of the FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber, Dr. Juliana Loss, emphasized the relevance of the event’s theme and presented two characteristics of arbitration in the Brazilian energy sector experienced so far: its good health, marked by the lack of any annulled arbitration awards in the energy-related disputes administered by FGV; and the speed with which conflicts are managed from the time they are initiated until decisions are handed down.

According to Dr. Loss, the FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber is a market leader in terms of its short average length of proceedings, and it is particularly fast when it comes to energy-related cases.

The experts discussed data on arbitration proceedings at the FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber, made some comparisons with other sectors and pointed out future prospects for using arbitration and also mediation to handle conflicts in the deregulated power market.

The FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber has a track record of more than two decades of resolving conflicts in Brazil’s deregulated power market, which has many specific characteristics. The sector is of great importance to the country’s development, as it is a crucial factor for the growth of investments in infrastructure, transportation and many other fundamental sectors of the economy.

You can watch the event in full here.

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