DIREITO GV selects students for lectures with author from the TV series Justice

11 October 2012

DIREITO GV, in partnership with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, is coordinating the selection of students to participate in the global classroom online headed by Harvard professor Michael Sandel, author of the TV series Justice.

Three students will be chosen from the three courses that the Foundation offers in the city: Law, Economics and Administration, and Political Science. The selection is also opened to USP students and newspaper's readers.

To participate, candidates must meet the following prerequisites: be undergraduates or master's degree students, fluent in English and must have read the book Justice: What is the right thing to do? launched by the publisher Civilização Brasileira.

The lectures will be taught on October 26, and November 2 and 30, simultaneously in Brazil, the U.S., China and India. In every country there will groups of 20 students who will interact among themselves and with Sandel.
In an interview to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, the project coordinator, Ronaldo Porto Macedo Jr. (Professor of Ethics, Philosophy and Theory of Law and Politics at FGV and USP), highlights that the idea is to select people with an interest in the area, who speak good English and actually participate of the interaction proposed by Sandel.

To apply, send an email to sandel.direitogv@gmail.com

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