DIREITO RIO talks about sustainable development at a congress in Spain

20 September 2012

The professor and researcher Carina Oliveira, from the Law and Environment program (PDMA) of DIREITO RIO, participated in September 13-15 of the 5th International Law Congress of the European Society in Valencia, Spain.

The professor's article, The international framework for sustainable development: the role of sustainable development partnerships to deal with insufficient focus on national implementation, was selected to discuss the overall theme of the workshop The United Nations 'Rio +20' Conference on Sustainable Development: Appraisal and Prospects of a Paradigmatic Concept.

The workshop was prepared by the research groups in International Environmental Law and International Economic Law of the European Company. The work presented by the professor was one of the results of the research conducted by PDMA during the negotiations of the Rio+20 Conference.

For more information, visit the seminar's website.

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