FGV Projetos and GVAgro launch the Nacala Fund in Brasilia

11 July 2012

On July 4, FGV Projetos launched in Brasilia the Nacala Fund ? trilateral cooperation agreement between Brazil, Japan and Mozambique, which will contribute to the development of Nacala Corridor, northern Mozambique. The project is a brand new initiative promoted by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), FGV, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Embrapa, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Brazil-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), and 4I.GREEN, Brazilian consortium of experts of such type of business, under the responsibility of director Cesar Cunha Campos and project coordinator Cleber Guarany.

The focus of the program is to develop and turn the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique into an important production hub, since ?it provided excellent conditions for the production of food and power. Paradoxically, it is the region with the scarcest power and food resources in the world, emphasizes Cesar Cunha Campos, FGV Projetos' director.

The Nacala Fund is aligned with the strategies of private investment attraction of the program ProSAVANA-JBM, carried out in the realm of the trilateral cooperation between Japan, Brazil and Mozambique, and follows the guidelines pertaining to the Nacala Corridor Master Plan of Agricultural Development (ProSAVANA-PD). Technical management will be run by FGV Projetos and the 4I.GREEN. The purpose is to attract investments that promote the social, environmental and economic progress of Mozambique from the development of agribusiness and food production in the region and all production chain involved in such process.

Along with GV Agro and multilateral cooperation agencies, FGV Projetos works since 2006 in the construction of sustainable and innovative models towards the development of the countries situated in the planet's tropical region, which is called Tropical Belt. FGV understands that such projects are a powerful tool to leverage economies, mainly to what is related to wealth generation and income distribution.

Roberto Rodrigues, coordinator of GV Agro, reminds us that ?several countries are interested to achieve the Brazilian know-how in terms of production, transfer the Brazilian knowledge in agribusiness and experience with Procerrado and Prodecer programs, because we have more knowledge on the production of tropical cultures than any other country. And Africa is interested in making local economies more dynamic and investments possible, in order to reduce the dependence on the import of fossil fuels and food.

The launch seminar gathered government representatives of the three countries, apart from international cooperation agencies and institutions directly associated to the topic.


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