FGV receives Pasqual Magall, the mayor responsible for the modernization of Barcelona in the Olympic Games of 1992

05 July 2012

On June 22, FGV's president, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, welcomed the president of Fundació Catalunya Europa (FCE), Pasqual Maragall. Maragall was the president of Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalunya's government) and the mayor that renovated Barcelona and its region during the Olympic Games of 1992.The purpose of the meeting was to approach both entities, aiming at establishing a cooperation process between FGV and FCE. The topics of possible collaboration are the academic and specialization courses, creation of an FCE ? FGV professor's chair in the University of Barcelona, organization of public-private partnerships, best practices for public administration, sustainable strategic planning, sustainable urban development, tourism, advisory in projects and programs sponsored by international agencies, apart from jointly held events.Also attending the meeting were the representatives of FCE, José Olinto de Toledo Ridolfo, Max Vives-Fierro and Salvador Sarquella Comerma, as well as the professors Irapoan Cavalcanti and Eduardo Marques.