FGV's Director of Academic Integration attends press conference on the adoption of sustainability in universities

28 June 2012

On June 20, FGV's Director of Academic Integration, professor Antonio Freitas, attended a press conference at Rio+20, addressing the efforts by different universities to adopt sustainable questions and practices in their curriculum, researches and campuses. During the press conference, Freitas stated that Brazil ?is a sustainability leader? and mentioned the importance of continued education so as to turn students that ? in many cases ? had poor education into internationally competitive professionals and executives. ?This is a role that FGV plays very well, with its MBA and short courses?, he says. And he emphasizes. ?And it is the investment in education today ? in prepared and happy citizens ? that will guarantee smaller government expenses with pension fund, prisons in the future?. Last week, Antonio Freitas, who is the president of the Latin American Council of Management Schools (CLADEA), member of the National Council of Education (CNE) and the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRIME ? associated to the UN), attended the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, where he defended the inclusion of sustainability in school education. Freitas was the president of the commission that prepared the opinions and resolution that define the requirement of sustainability education as part of the Environmental Education Guidelines.Also attending the press conference were Bernard Belletante, from Euromed Management (France), professor Pei Gang, from Tongji University, (China), and professor Konrad Osterwalder, dean of the UN University and sub-secretary of the United Nations. This conference took place at Riocentro.  


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