IGP-M goes up to 0.88% in February

The Consumer Price Index (IPC) recorded a 0.26% change in February, compared to 0.58% in January.
28 February 2019
IGP-M goes up to 0.88% in February

The General Price Index – Market (IGP-M) recorded a 0.88% increase in February, more than the 0.01% recorded in January. With this result, the IGP-M accumulates a 0.89% increase within this year, and 7.60% in the last 12 months. In February 2018, the indicator recorded a 0.07% increase and cumulative decrease of 0.42% in 12 months.

The Broad Producer Price Index (IPA) increased 1.22% in February, after a 0.26% drop in January. In the analysis according to processing stages the prices of Finished Goods recorded a 1.19% change in February, compared to 0.52% in January. Leading the way up was the natural foods subgroup, from 3.54% to 17.41% within the same period. The Finished Goods (ex), which is calculated without the subgroups natural foods and consumer fuels, recorded a 0.12% decrease in February, compared to a 0.53% increase in the previous month.

The rate for Intermediate Goods increased from minus 0.99% in January to minus 0.35% in February. The main influence to this increase was the production fuels and lubricantssubgroup, from minus 4.56% to 2.48%. The Intermediate Goods (ex), which excludes the production fuels and lubricants subgroup, decreased from minus 0.39% in January to minus 0.81% in February.

The index related to Crude Goods increased from minus 0.30% in January to 3.23% in February. Leading the way up were: iron ore (2.99% to 11.98%), raw milk (minus 2.23% to 8.63%) and soy (grain) (minus 4.27% to minus 2.04%). Leading the way down were: bovines (0.60% to minus 0.72%), cotton (seed) (1.96% to minus 1.41%) and manioc (yuca) (4.52% to 2.22%).

The Consumer Price Index (IPC) recorded a 0.26% change in February, compared to 0.58% in January. Six of the eight expense categories comprising the index decreased. The main influence was the Education, Reading and Recreation group (2.12% to minus 0.16%). Within this expense category, the highlight was formal courses, from 3.79% to 2.00%.

The following groups also went down: Food (0.94% to 0.65%), Health and Personal Care (0.52% to 0.29%), Apparel (minus 0.07% to minus 0.66%), Housing (0.41% to 0.37%) and Miscellaneous Expenses (0.28% to 0.20%). The main influences in descending direction were: greens and vegetables (4.83% to minus 0.33%), hygiene and personal care articles (1.09% to minus 0.46%), clothes (0.00% to minus 0.94%), residential water and sewerage tariff (1.93% to 0.00%) and pet food (1.59% to minus 0.47%).

However, the following groups went up: Communication (0.10% to 0.24%) and Transportation (minus 0.03% to 0.00%). Within these expense categories, the highlights were: landline phone and internet packages (0.49% to 1.00%) and urban bus fare (1.20% to 2.23%).

The National Construction Cost Index (INCC) recorded a 0.19% change in February, compared to 0.40% in January. The INCC components recorded the following rates: Materials and Equipment (0.19% to 0.23%), Services (0.98% to 0.86%) and Labor (0.43% to 0.05%).

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