Professor Bernard Kliksberg is granted Doctor Honoris Causa title by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

11 July 2012

Old professor and lecturer at EBAPE and collaborator of the Public Administration Magazine (RAP) by the time he worked as the director of Social Policies program pertaining to the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), the professor Bernardo Kliksberg was granted Doctor Honoris Causa title in June by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (UHJ). This is the first time the university grants such title to an Ibero-American social scientist.

The title is aimed at ?people whose activities brought remarkable benefit to the human kind?, and it has already been granted to philosophers, writers and political figures like Jean Paul Sartre, Yitzhak Rabin, Amós Oz, Simone Weil, Vaclav Havel, Bill Clinton, Umberto Eco, Jacques Derrida, Bernard Henri Lévy, former Italian president George Napolitano, Hillary Clinton and Nobel prizes Rita Levi Montalcini and Albert Gore.

Kliksberg promoted a significant technical and academic exchange program with EBAPE, with the participation of professors Bianor Cavalcanti, Fernando Tenório and Sonia Fleury.

By means of an official note, the UHJ's president, Menajen Bem Sasson, emphasized that ?You (Kliksberg) has made it possible to have innovative methods to fight poverty, inequalities, inefficient public administration, environment degradation and economic crisis?.

Five boards of the Hebrew university has already received Nobel prizes. The university's first Managing Council was comprised of Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Martin Buber.

The award ceremony took place during a solemn academic act in Monte Scopus, city of Jerusalem.

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