The selection process enrollment for Time SIFE FGV is open in Rio de Janeiro

06 September 2012

The selection process enrollment for the project Time SIFE FGV is open, which will define its new members. FGV's team is currently comprised of 27 undergraduate students - two from Social Sciences, eight from Law, eight from Business Administration and nine from Economics.

The Time SIFE FGV was build on the project SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise - a non-profit worldwide organization whose mission is to gather together undergraduate students and big businessmen in order to carry out community empowerment actions. They use the point of view of income generation and environment protection, so as to make the world better and more sustainable, always based on business concepts.

With the project ?WalmArte?, a partnership with the retail company Walmart, FGV's team contributed to the professional development and the empowerment of the seamstress cooperative ?Corte & Arte - Costura e Artesanato?, at Morro do Cantagalo, Pavão e Pavãozinho, in Rio de Janeiro.

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